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Phosphate ester aluminum corrosion and stain inhibitor for metalworking fluids

Aluminum corrosion inhibitor AC-2

AC-2 is a water-based phosphate ester aluminum corrosion inhibitor. Through the phosphorus in the product, it interacts with metal ions to form a dense oxide film, which has excellent corrosion inhibition properties for aluminum.


Application: It is applicable to the formulation of emulsified oil, semi synthetic metalworking fluids.


Performance characteristics:

Can effectively solve the problem of aluminum alloy discoloration, especially for die-cast aluminum corrosion inhibition effect is obvious.

It also has good corrosion inhibition effect on magnesium alloy.

Low foaming in the system.

With a certain extreme pressure, emulsification and lubricity.

Good compatibility with the system.

Can be used alone or with other corrosion inhibitors.

The phosphorus content in the product is 5-8%.


Suggested dosage (mass ratio) in cutting fluids: 0.2%-2%.

Package: 25kg/drum or 200kg/drum.


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