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Biocide MBM for metalworking fluids
Product name: Biocide MBM
MBM is a broad-spectrum biocide whose main active ingredient is morpholine derivatives. Compared with triazine biocides, MBM is less irritating to the skin and has a milder odor. Mainly prevent the spoilage of bacteria and fungi in metalworking fluids.
Active ingredient: N,N-Methylenebismorpholine (CAS No.: 5625-90-1)
Application: Suitable for emulsions, semi-synthetic and synthetic metalworking fluids. Coatings, paper, adhesives, etc, that require protection against fungi and bacteria in humid environments.
Broad-spectrum biocide, can effectively inhibit and kill bacteria, fungi and yeasts.
It has good compatibility with additives such as surfactants in the formula, and has no adverse effect on the stability of the metalworking fluids.
Helps to improve the PH value of the metalworking fluids.
It has better inhibitory effect on mold and fungus at higher concentration.
Can be used alone or in combination with other biocides.
Dosage (mass ratio): in the metalworking fluids concentration: 2%-5%. Field use: 0.1%-0.25%.
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