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N,N'-Dimorpholinomethane CAS No.: 5625-90-1


CAS No.: 5625-90-1

EINECS(EC#): 227-062-3

Molecular Formula: C9H16N2O3

Molecular Weight: 200.23

Item No.: MBM

MBM is a broad-spectrum low toxicity biocide whose main active ingredient is morpholine derivatives. Compared with triazine biocides, MBM is less irritating to the skin and has a milder odor. Mainly prevents the spoilage of bacteria and fungi in metalworking fluids.


Application: Biocide MBM is suitable for emulsions, semi-synthetic and synthetic metalworking fluids.


Biocide MBM Features:

Broad-spectrum biocide, can effectively inhibit and kill bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

It has good compatibility with additives such as surfactants in the formula, and has no adverse effect on the stability of the metalworking fluids.

Helps to improve the PH value of the metalworking fluids.

It has better inhibitory effect on mold and fungus at higher concentration.

Can be used alone or in combination with other biocides.


Biocide MBM Main physical and chemical properties:




Colorless transparent liquid

pH(1% in water) (25)


Specific gravity(20) (g/cm3)



Water soluble


Packing: 220kg/drum or 1000kg/IBC tank.


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