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Poly Ricinoleic Acid for metalworking fluids

Poly ricinoleic acid

Item No.: ML-4

Poly ricinoleic acid ML-4 is a ricinoleic acid polyester compound that can be used as a lubricity additive for water-based metalworking fluids. ML-4 has a certain degree of self-emulsification, it is very easy to emulsify in the presence of a small amount of alkali, it is easy to add to the aqueous formulation system, and has good hydrolytic stability. The strong polarity of the structure makes it have good lubricating performance, and it is recommended for cutting and rolling of aluminum.


Active ingredient: Poly ricinoleic acid


Main physical and chemical properties


Typical data

Testing method


Yellow oily liquid


Acid value (mgKOH/g)


GB/T 7304-2014

Specific gravity(20)(g/cm³)


GB/T 4472-2011

Kinematic viscosity (40) (mm²/s)


GB/T 265

Above data for reference only. For actual product data, please refer to the COA.

Dosage: 3%~8%.

Package: 25kg/drum or 190kg/drum.


Application: Poly ricinoleic acid ML-4 can be widely used in emulsion, semi- synthetic, and full-synthetic metalworking fluids, providing good lubrication performance, especially suitable for rolling oil, emulsion and semi-synthetic cutting fluids for aluminum processing. 

Samples of ML-4 are available.

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